Code of conduct


Heckling will not be tolerated. Buy tickets to an event just to hear the audience talk, yell or shout disruptively did no one ever. Interrupt the show, out you go. No questions asked. No refund given. 

This is a private event and the rules are ours.

Heckling / protesting / hey audience, I know you bought tickets to hear the speaker, but look at me! is neither art nor heroic. We promise you, no one purchased a ticket to hear you. (Sorry.)

Respect and decorum mandatory

This is not your living room. Respecting others, the speaker and overall decorum is required. For the greater good, we will aggressively enforce this. As such, do NOT text, talk, eat, click your tongue or otherwise disrupt others during the performance. Break any of these rules and you’re out.

No coughing or blowing noses

Kindly keep your cold at home, please. No one wants to hear coughing and sniffing through a performance, and we may be recording this for perpetuity and publication.

Concentrate on the performance

Just saying.